Yoink Exploit Download

Yoink Exploit

Another Roblox exploit that have some extra added features. Immortal Donkey – its developer, put in a lot of work to ensure it always runs as it is supposed to. Yoink Exploit Comes speed and easy to use UI.

File Name Yoink Exploit
Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 10
Last UpdateNovember 20, 2021
Yoink Exploit

Download Yoink Exploit


  • UI Customization (Full UI)
  • Ability to use other Exploits’ DLLs
  • ​Linkvertise Bypasser
  • Alt Account Player
  • Chat Bypasser
  • FPS-Unlocker
  • Game Commands
  • Script Hub
  • Auto Inject
  • ​Auto-Execute
  • Anti-AFK
  • Support Panel
  • Script Encryptor and Obfuscator
  • Music Player
  • Bootstrapper (Auto Update)
  • Settings (that save after closing)
  • Script Box text save after closing
  • Live Loadstring Conversion
  • Multiple RBX
  • Multiple Obfuscation Support
  • Monaco Toggle
  • and More!


Obfuscations that Yoink supports: Iron Brew, Synapse Xen, Luraph, Aspect, +all the simple obfuscations. (Bigger scripts obfuscated with Luraph/Aspect will have some trouble)

Roblox Scripts are a powerful tool for game developers. The scripts allow gamers to create their own worlds and place different objects in them. This blog post will teach you the basics of Roblox Scripts, how to use them, and what they can do for your games!

Roblox Scripts are written in Lua programming language. You can use them to create dynamic gameplay, like controlling the weather or adding game mechanics. Roblox has a huge set of functions that you can use for scripting. These functions allow gamers to do anything from creating objects, changing player’s speed and even making an update of the game!

Roblox Scripts are great for creating content, new mechanics and even adding items to games. It is simple way of scripting that lets you create almost anything without any programming experience at all! Roblox has a huge community of developers who can help you learn how to script if needed. The only thing that you need to do is ask!

The only downside of Roblox Scripts are that they affect game performance. The performance might lag if you use scripts constantly, so remember to keep them as simple as possible. Using too many functions at the same time can slow down your games or even crash it entirely. This isn’t a problem when you are scripting small games with few objects, but it can be an issue if your game is large or has many players.

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