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Scriptware Roblox

ScriptWare V2 is a far more advanced and superior tool, with hundreds of custom functions alongside a vastly superior interface design and features such as the script catalogue and friend system. Script-Ware V2 is miles ahead of its predecessor, and will continue to keep improving with time.

File NameScriptware
Supported OS Windows 10, mac OS
Last UpdateNovember 20, 2021

Has a dashboard, and has a friends list which I think is pretty cool, good UI, fast updates, also has a very big script hub, and a lot of featured scripts, also available on mac, make sure to keep your eyes on this exploit, it is evolving it might even be better than synapse in the future, who knows.

Scriptware Roblox, Scriptware Download Scriptware free

Features of Scriptware

With such a wide arsenal of capabilities, it would take forever to address everything Script-Ware has up for grabs. So here is a small list:

Unmatched capability. 

With the ability to run any script through our 180+ functions within our extended environment. Providing top levels of execution performance. We furthermore offer functions that are entirely exclusive to just Script-Ware V2. Allowing you to enjoy the cream of the crop in capabilities.

Rapid update speeds.

Providing patches for Roblox’s weekly updates within minutes (and sometimes quite literally seconds).With an insane track record, since release, we average at ~3 or so minutes after Roblox updates, with rare exceptions. Script-Ware updates before any existing product. Free or paid!

Fully undetectable.

With our team devoted to ensuring our software is impenetrable by anti-cheat scripts and tools. Script-Ware has been totally invulnerable to recent detections that have surfaced. With our team consistently on the look out for detection methods that could harm us.

Competent development team.

Our team has been developing software since 2015, clean track record of development.Script-Ware’s development team consist of individuals who have a clean sheet in developing software, with years of experience. Giving you the best possible product.


Our interface allows for removing buttons, switching sections around, removing sections & more.With full customisability, you are also able to customise your scripting environment through enabling functions that we have blocked for your security so that you can experiment with those functions.

Friend System.

Add your Script-Ware friends, join their games, share your favourite scripts & more! All cross-platform. Script-Ware’s most commonly discussed feature is its awesome friend list. It allows you to add your friends and have fun with them through our interface. Better yet, it works between Windows and macOS platforms.

Experience innovative updates and features

of which we consistently provide and ask our community about. At Script-Ware, you choose! We very frequently ask for feature suggestions and listen to your advice regarding new updates and concepts. You can ask our community if you don’t believe me!

Massive Script Hub/Catalogue.

Upload your cool scripts, find cool scripts. All through the interface and website! Sick and tired of constantly looking on v3rmillion for scripts to execute? With Script-Ware this is completely gone! Enjoy over 2,300 scripts publicly available by your fingertips & upload your very own scripts for everyone to enjoy!

  • Various Lua Libraries
    • Environment Library
    • Metatable Library
    • Closure Library
    • Instance Saving Library
    • Network Library
    • Input Library
    • Filesystem Library
    • Profile Library
    • Console Library
    • Cache Library
    • Bit Library
    • Debug Library
    • Drawing Library
    • Bitstream Library
    • Crypt Library
    • Websocket Library
  • [BETA] Luau Decompiler
  • External UI
    • Auto Attach
    • FPS Unlocker
      • FPS Cap
    • Script Centre
      • Personal Cloud Scripts
      • Online Script Library
      • Featured Scripts
        • Infinite Yield
        • mattt’s smooth arsenal aimbot
        • Script Analyser
        • OrHub Script
        • Dex Script-Ware Edition
        • FE VR Script
        • Snow Hub | Premium Script Hub
        • Iris’s Compatibility Script
    • Multiple Tabs
    • Script List
    • Utilities
      • Save Game
    • Friend Centre
      • Join Session
      • Start Chatting
      • Alert Friend
      • Share Script
      • Awards
      • Add/Remove Friends
    • UI Customization
    • Some Color Schemes for Syntax Highlighting
      • Default
      • WarmLim
      • WinterBlue
      • PinkCatBoo
  • Automatic Updates
  • Fast Injection
  • Online Dashboard


Has a script catalog with like 50 scripts alreadyAttach takes like 2 secondsCan execute almost all scriptsHas a friends system where you can add people with script wareGood community and good supportSexy dashboard


Costs $20
Rarely but still sometimes crashes when you close roblox
Some scripts on the catalog don’t work

Finally, experience a breath of fresh air in the script execution community! Stop using the same old boring products (you know who!) and switch to something refreshing, Script-Ware V2 is its own product, in its own lane. Be a part of that today! Script-Ware already has thousands of active users which love it, so why not join us today!
Script-Ware V2 also has a sister product, called Script-Ware M. The best and only product available through macOS platforms!
Scriptware discord:

ScriptWare X Synapse X

  • ScriptWare has a bunch of useless features but I still think they’re cool. Script-Ware is still just a newly released exploit, and has alot of bugs, and problems.
  • Tries to compete with Synapse and gets humiliated by 3ds.

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