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ProtoSmasher is one of the Top Roblox Exploit. This comes with Good UI and Lots of good feature that really attract any Game Player that is in Hacks and Cheats. You can Easily Explore many Features and Script within it

File NameProtoSmasher
Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 10
Last UpdateNovember 20, 2021

Most popular recommended free roblox exploit, I recommend this, good UI, rarely crashes, can run some complicated scripts, best free exploit IMO, just has a key system but it’s to help the creators of the exploit.

Good exploit, can run complicated scripts, good UI, powerful executor, you can save up 5$ to get Synapse instead, but this is also fine if you don’t want to.

ProtoSmasher X Synapse X

  • Proto doesn’t update for a whole day when roblox updates, it doesn’t have a decompiler yet, it’s powerful yes but it can sometimes crash, will also be merging with sentinel soon in 10000000 years.
  • Synapse, updates within 1-5 hours, has a decompiler, super powerful, and rarely crashes
  • I’d recommend getting a bitcoin wallet and buy synapse instead for 15$ but i do not know how to use the bitcoin method since i used the paypal one.

ProtoSmasher Merge with Sentinel


The owner, Slappy826, was caught using Protosmasher to log users’ Discord tokens. Nexure was not involved with the token logging as far as I know.


  • Slappy826 – Creator
  • Nexure – Website & Forums

The exploit allows you to gain money without actually doing any work or losing anything. The game that is used for the Roblox Exploit works like this:

-A group of people would run a server with an exploitable game on it, and if they can get enough players in there then they will be able to take all the items out of the game and sell them for real life money.

Another method is to create a server with an exploitable game on it, but you can only join if your invited by someone who already belongs to that group. Then they would allow everyone in the server download their items (in this case Robux) , and then delete everything from the servers.

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