Murder Mystery 2 Silent Aimbot & ESP Script

Murder Mystery 2 Coin Farm & Godmode Script

Murder Mystery 2 GUI Script - Bomb Spam - Auto Farm
Script NameMurder Mystery 2 Coin Farm & Godmode Script
Script Executor Synapse X
GameMurder Mystery 2 Coin Farm & Godmode Script


  • Coin Farm
  • Godmode

How to Inject Murder Mystery 2 Coin Farm & Godmode Script

MMurder Mystery 2 Coin Farm & Godmode Script by clicking the “Download” button.
2. Now Open .txt file (Script file)
2. Once you opened it, Copy the text inside the file by right clicking and selecting “Copy”.
3. Now open a Synapse X / JJSploit / Scriptware or any other roblox exploit and paste that script and click on Execute.
4. Boom !

For those who do not know about Roblox, it is basically a game where you can create your own games. You will be able to program things so that they happen when certain conditions are met or events occur. The main language used on the platform was Lua which I learnt at first but now I’m trying out Javascript as well. Scripting may not require much knowledge but if you want to create good games, it is important that you at least learn the basics of how programming works in general (like conditions).

About Game

Murder Mystery 2 Game is a Murder Mystery Second Edition Murder Mystery Murder mystery Murder-Mystery Murder, Murder – Mytery Game. It was created by BlackHat Productions and released to the public on November 1st, 2017. In this game you get to play as an assassin who has been hired for a mission that will take place in a high school during prom night.

You must then silently take out targets without getting caught. Murder Mystery is a turn-based game, meaning that every player has to wait for their turn before they can act; this also means that it’s possible for two assassins to kill the same target at once if both players decide upon doing so on one of their turns!

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