Calamari Exploit Download

Calamari Exploit

Calamari was Roblox exploit that discontinued. Now Calamari became script ware, which you can find at Script-ware Roblox

File Name Calamari Exploit
Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 10, mac
Last UpdateNovember 20, 2021
Calamari Exploit

Download Calamari Exploit

Not available !

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Calamari’s successor, is now available for use. Featuring the following incredible features:

  • 150+ custom functions, competitive with the top Windows products on the market. Run any scripts from paid premium hubs to free scripts like OwlHub. Even including features like its drawing library and complete debug library.
  • Adaptive and extremely functional game stealer (via saveinstance) and script decompiler, the first product to allow for precise game stealing and script decompiling via macOs.
  • Includes the New Dex, straight from the sole, renowned, developer of Dex comes an exclusive and far superior, far more stable and far more immersive Dex explorer. Comes with the novel debugging suite beta program, including various speed optimizations, a resigned UI and a new extensive feature set.
  • All general features that every executor holds, such as a built in stream sniper, an FPS unlock, and more.
  • The cheapest LSI on the market, at $13 USD. You’ll receive every one of these features.

Yet again, the makers of Calamari-M have set a new standard for exploiting and you can use it now! If you previously owned Calamari-M, merely log-in to the new Calamari using your login credentials.

All these features apply to the brand new iOS port – which is officially out for all users now!

Former Names

  • Bleu (Inspect/marie)

Roblox Developers

  • Inspect/marie
  • machport – Calamari iOS

Note: Crossed out names are not developers for the exploit anymore

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