Anime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script

Anime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script [2022]

Script NameAnime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script
Script Executor Synapse X, JJSploit, Sentinel
GameAnime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script


  • Autofarm
  • Damage
  • Auto Pick Up Coins
  • Priority [For MaxHealth]
  • Reload Enemy List
  • Enemy List & More

How to Inject Anime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script

1.Anime Fighters Simulator GUI 2 Script. Now Open .txt file (Script file)
2. Once you opened it, Copy the text inside the file by right clicking and selecting “Copy”.
3. Now open a Synapse X / JJSploit / Scriptware or any other roblox exploit and paste that script and click on Execute.
4. Boom !

For those who do not know about Roblox, it is basically a game where you can create your own games. You will be able to program things so that they happen when certain conditions are met or events occur.

The main language used on the platform was Lua which I learnt at first but now I’m trying out Javascript as well. Scripting may not require much knowledge but if you want to create good games, it is important that you at least learn the basics of how programming works in general (like conditions).

About Game

Anime Fighting Simulator is a training game inspired by multiple popular Anime shows.

Anime Fighting Simulator is a game that has been around for years. It’s not just fun, it’s ridiculously addictive! You can take on the role of your favorite anime character and fight in either one-on-one or tag team battles against other characters. The controls are easy to learn, but mastering them will require practice. At its core, Anime Fighting Simulator is an arcade fighting game with RPG elements mixed in for good measure. This post will give you some tips for getting started in the world of Anime Fighting Simulator!

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